Pay Attention to What are the Precepts of Pregnant Women Here

Abstinence of pregnant women needs to be known to avoid adverse effects on pregnancy. Abstinence from pregnant women can be in the form of certain foods or habits that can adversely affect the health of the fetus. Pregnant women certainly do not want bad things to happen to the baby in the womb. To protect the baby, there are some restrictions that you should avoid, because it can harm the womb. Smoke Smoking while pregnant can cause your baby to be born with a low weight. The condition is not good for babies because it can increase the risk of your baby's health problems, such as infections and growth and development problems. The abstinence of this pregnant woman also needs to be applied to husbands who smoke. The husband must keep cigarette smoke away from pregnant wives, including cigarette smoke that clings to the clothes. Drinking alcohol Consuming alcoholic drinks while pregnant can make babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Signs can be low weight at birth, impa
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